The most common question we get is "what do you do?" The next question is "what's that?"


What we do is sustainable horticulture and native scape services. What it is, well that takes a bit of an explanation. Sustainable horticulture is a way of growing plants that's sensitive to the environment. Plants are grown and maintained in a sustainable way through minimal use of chemicals, growing in compostable pots, and using biologically enriched soil and organically-based fertilizers.


Since the late ’70s, “xeriscaping” has referred to landscaping with plants native to a region and requiring minimal supplementary water. The word derives from a combination of the two Greek words “xeros” (dry) and the suffix “scape” (view). Today, the more common expression is “sustainable.” Sustainable landscaping is more encompassing and includes the context within which plant materials are installed and maintained. The goal of a sustainable landscape is that landscapes increase in value as they mature through application of appropriate maintenance practices. Thus, they are cared for in a way that allows their best qualities to be accentuated, noticed and appreciated, with less regular maintenance. 

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our company thinks sustainability first

We saw a lack of sustainable horticulture and native scape services companies in the North Texas area so we started our own. Traditional landscaping wants you to invest in high maintenance non-native plants, unnecessary soil amendments, hardscaping (which creates heat sinks and erosion from water runoff) and an irrigation system. This keeps you in constant need of their services which helps their bottom line but can put an unnecessary strain on the homeowners finances and hurts the environment in the process. Flourish Plant & Land Care focuses on sustainability in every aspect of our company which allows us to keep our overhead low and prices competitive. We strive to save the savable plants, compost the rest to recycle back into the soil and we shred the unusable hardwoods for mulch. When you have a culturally appropriate native plant landscape, you don’t need chemicals, a costly maintenance plan or a traditional irrigation system.

Service Areas

We service most of North Texas including Cooke County, Collin County, Denton County and Grayson County.