lesley Brooks, MS



I grew up in North Texas and I understand the unique growing challenges we must manage in this part of Texas. Hard clay soil, unpredictable weather and a changing climate all make it difficult to grow successfully here. I can help to alleviate some of the effects of these challenges on your plants while working within HOA guidelines.


I have earned an Associates of Applied Science in Horticulture Science with certifications in Horticulture Management, Sustainable Horticulture and an Occupational Skills Award in Landscape Design from North Central Texas College. I am a Water Efficient Recognized Green Professional granted from the Upper Trinity Regional Water District with Texas A&M AgriLife. I also hold a BS from Texas Tech University and a MS from the University of North Texas.

about us

Our company provides sustainable horticulture services by following nature's rulebook for creating healthy soil and plants. Our goal is to increase the value of the property, decrease water usage, create self-sustaining plant habitats and for future generations to enjoy.


The benefits of using natural and sustainable horticultural techniques include the reduction of disease, reduction in plant loss and maintenance, less water usage, reduction in harmful insects while increasing the beneficial insects and creating healthy soil.


We specialize in small scale fine gardening with an emphasis on plant and land health as well as caring for indoor plants.


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